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Canadian Smokes

Canadian Smokes

Anyone who smokes is well acquainted with all the different cigs and the experiences they induce. Getting the right smoke for you should never be a draining chore when you shop from a reputable shop that stocks all your best types. We have a couple of ways to buy cigs for cheaper online, all while ensuring you do not compromise on quality or get a cig that will easily harm your lungs.

Shopping Canadian Smokes From Our Store

As a general rule, many people save about 5% by buying from the online store instead of the physical one. We get orders from people who order cartons of cigarettes, and because it is even cheaper in bulk, you get to ensure you have a long-term supply of the same excellent quality.

We have a broad spectrum of cigarettes and should be able to find one that works best for your palettes and preference.

A Small Breakdown Of Our Cigarette Options And Their Prices

The smallest park costs $50 per carton, but you get a discount when buying more cartons. For example, buying 5-24 cartons gives you a $45/carton charge and $40 when you buy any number between 25 and 49. Some of our cigarette options include:

  • BB Lights
  • Canadian classics silver
  • Canadian full
  • Canadian lights
  • Canadian menthol
  • Dumont full
  • Dumont light
  • Playfair’s
  • Rolled gold full flavor
  • Rolled gold lights

The Experience Of Buying Canadian Smokes Online

Canadian Cigarette Brands Have More Convenience

Convenience should be your first consideration if you choose to buy cigarettes online. There are a bunch of stores that stock all kinds of cigarettes, but not enough of them will include fair prices, efficient packaging, and easy delivery dates. We typically sell cigarettes in bulk and therefore have the option to lower the prices and make the purchase work in your favor.

Cheaper Option To Buy Cigarette Cartons Online

Many people buy cigarettes online because it is easier to find the brands and flavors they want and because it is more affordable than getting them from a physical retail store. We do not adhere to the exact operating costs of many physical stores and therefore have much room to offer you better prices.

It is unnecessary to spend hundreds more than necessary, while you can save just as much, mainly when you use an online store with constant discounts, coupons, and other savings. It is possible to get reward points when you subscribe to some of these stores’ plans and stand a chance to keep the costs low for longer when you keep using the site.

More Safety

Do you want to order Canadian Classics online? The Internet is full of cigarette options, but not all have ethics that ensure they are safe to use and legal to transport. Many people assume they can buy cigarettes from any random online shop. Still, they do not consider that some manufacturers will include harmful elements or fail to mention the actual percentage of all the ingredients.

We thoroughly check all of our Canadian smokes, have fair Cigarette prices online, and think that you check them out before buying Canadian Classics online or other options.

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