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Make the perfect drink every time with a quality bar jigger from Fifth & Vermouth. If you’re still using a shot glass in your home bar, you’ll find that a jigger is easier to use and will allow you to measure accurately and quickly, so guests won’t have to wait for their drink. With a jigger close at hand, you’ll be ready for any drink request and as a bonus, you’ll look like an expert behind the bar. By investing in our durable, quality bar tools, you’ll see a high return on your purchase price as our jiggers, muddlers, shakers, and mixing sets are designed to last for many years.

Why Bar Jiggers Are An Essential Home Bar Tool

Measuring out drink ingredients to a tee involves owning a few essential items in your home bar. You have a couple of options, however, a jigger is going to make your life a lot easier when it comes to making mixed drinks. The standard jigger consists of a one-ounce and a two-ounce cup attached in such a way as to form an hourglass shape with a divider between. The common jigger will speed up the mixing of cocktails and pouring drinks that consist of more than one type of alcohol- we highly recommend the double jigger as compared with a jigger glass.

Jigger Vs. Shot

With a shot glass, the bartender will need to measure our a portion of alcohol, set the glass down on the counter, and pour & measure a second time, and possibly a third, depending on the type of drink being made. A jigger doesn’t require countertop measuring, so the bartender can pour directly next to the glass, turn over the jigger, and pour again. Once you’ve gotten used to using a jigger tool, you’ll never go back to using a shot glass again- it’s simply too time-consuming a chore for the modern bartender.

A Variety Of Tools For The Right Jigger Measurements

At Fifth & Vermouth, we sell a variety of jiggers to ensure you always have the right tool on hand no matter what type of drink you’re making:

  • Hand Bell Jiggers: 1oz/1.5oz
  • Kamakura Japanese Jiggers: 1oz/2oz
  • Gold Bell Jiggers: 1oz/2oz
  • Slim Double Jiggers: 1.5oz/2oz
  • Multi-Level Jiggers: 2.5oz

A multi-level jigger is more like an oversized shot glass, but can still be a useful tool behind the bar, especially for single alcohol drinks consisting of more than one shot. You’ll probably use the multi-level jigger more times than you can count over the years, however, the double jigger is the tool you’ll find difficult to live without if you enjoy making cocktails and mixed drinks for adults in your home or if you entertain guests from time to time.

Purchase quality bar tools from our website with the assurance that you’re investing in quality products that will be around for many years to come. Shop all of our barware, glassware, and bitters & syrups or reach out to someone from Fifth & Vermouth who can answer your questions about our products and company.