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Lead Free Drinking Water

Lead Free Drinking Water

Did you know that lead is rarely present at the source of the water? In most cases, lead contamination builds up as the water moves through the pipe when you reintroduce it to the water delivery system. The highest lead contamination occurs in homes built before 1986 because the pipes are too corroded or they do not have lead free water pipes. Lead in water effects includes adverse health issues, including developmental delays in children.

Are there signs of lead in tap water? Lead is a tricky substance because it does not have an odor or taste; hence you must protect your home by using a filter even if you suspect little to no contamination.

Removing lead in drinking water

Removing lead from water is one of the easiest things to do because there are too many filter systems with the ability to remove accumulated lead. Do not try boiling or heating the water because you will not remove the lead but instead increase its concentration by evaporating some water. The following are the most common methods of removing lead from the water via filtration.

Reverse osmosis

This removal method filters out the large ions from the water and may not be the best when you filter out a large amount, such as the home’s entire system. It is, however, an effective way of getting rid of lead ions and produces the same results as all other filtration methods.


The process of reduction of lead in drinking water works by removing dissolved solids; hence you can only filter out a small amount of water each day to serve small needs like cooking and drinking water.

Ion exchange

The process filters out large lead ion molecules when you pass the water via a filtration cartridge. You can use this process to remove significant minerals of resins in conjunction with another one, such as the whole house filtration system.

Carbon filters

The carbon has a ph-sensitive filter that works better than most and is the least expensive among other filtration options. In the end, it offers one of the most affordable filtration options to achieve clean water for a good amount of water for the entire household.

Installing the filters

Many people think they will not know how to install a filter because they assume it has complicated features and installation features. In contrast, it should be easier to attach it when you follow our clear installation instructions. Make sure the filter is well fitted using all the right pieces, and do not force them together if they do not fit because there is always an easier way to do it without breaking the entire system apart.

The replacement method is also just as easy as the installation process, where you have to unscrew then piece together the new one. We suggest using a calendar date to remind you of the due date; you should replace the old one because most filters have an expiration date.

Most people drive about their entire life without a seat belt and never get into any impact accident. Check out our options online and contact us about our lead-free drinking water filtration system.


Lead Free Drinking Water