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Petit Fours

Petit Fours in Columbia, SC

Petit fours are the perfect, bite size dessert for any large event or family gathering. These little cake squares can be personalized whether you are tailgating for your favorite college football team or celebrating the holidays with friends and families.

We have a wide variety of decorations for Petit Fours. The foundation is a simple, made-from-scratch yellow cake, with white string icing on top. Whatever the occasion, Tiffany’s Bakery can provide customized petit fours for your needs!
Decoration Price (Single) Price (Dozen)
Single Flower $2.20 $26.40
1 Monogram $2.20 $26.40
2 Monograms $2.30 $27.60
3 Monograms $2.30 $27.60
USC / Tiger Paws $2.30 $27.60
Cross $2.30 $27.60
Booties $2.30 $27.60
Heart Christmas $2.30 $27.60

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