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Westlake Lake Restaurants

Westlake Lake Restaurants

Most everyone loves Italian cuisine, and you may be hard-pressed to find anyone that does not enjoy at least one dish in this broad selection of recipes. This cuisine has been the delight of diners worldwide for as long as anyone can remember. Do you have a favorite establishment out of the Westlake lake restaurants for waterside dining? Here at Boccaccio’s, we want to let you know why we are one of the best fine dining restaurants in Westlake Village and the surrounding areas.

One Of The Best Restaurants In Westlake Village

Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy a meal with friends or a special evening on a date or anniversary, choosing somewhere with the most incredible ambiance is vital. Regarding romantic restaurants in Westlake Village, Boccaccio’s boasts impeccable décor and gives diners a feeling of warmth and welcome.

Stunning Lakeside Seating

Regardless of the dining occasion, waterfront dining is special, especially when outdoor seating is an option. At Boccaccio’s, we take the time to ensure we offer fine dining near Westlake Village for all customers who come through our doors. Our dedication to detail shows with our décor, table settings, smiling staff, and impeccably crafted dishes. We like to ensure everyone has a well-rounded and memorable experience they will talk about with friends and family for years to come.

Ground-Breaking, Yet Classic Fare

Westlake lake restaurants must be more than scenically appealing. The menu must also fit the surroundings with mouthwatering presentations of layers upon layers of flavor. We carefully craft each dish to bring out the best in each ingredient. Some of the popular dishes on our menu include:

  • Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Scallop Fettuccini Provencal
  • Spring Vegetables Primavera
  • Veal Marsala
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Seafood Risotto
  • Lobster and Filet Mignon
  • Rib Eye

Fresh salads round out these exquisite dishes with the most delicate toppings, soups made daily, a variety of appetizers, and plenty of decadent desserts worth saving room for. After all, what would an Italian meal be like if not followed up with a specialty coffee, handpicked cognac, and a serving of tiramisu or Italian cheesecake?

Why Visit Westlake Village Restaurants?

If Italian food is your favorite, we have a location guaranteed to give you the experience of a lifetime. With a range of fresh flavors to dance on your tongue, you will quickly see why our menu is so incredibly popular with locals and travelers alike. Fine dining is a popular choice and one that leaves you with unique new experiences. If you have never been, we invite you to come by to take in all that Boccaccio’s has to offer.

At Boccaccio’s, our commitment to excellence and providing a memorable experience for all visitors shines through in our menu and staff. We invite you to plan on spending time with us for your next meal out or special occasion. If you would like to talk with our team about planning your next night out, inquire about our dishes, or book a reservation, please call us at (818) 889-8300. As a number one option for Westlake lake restaurants, we have the setting and menu to make any night out special.